Brand Names: Are They Worth It?

Topics: Brand, Brand management, Brands Pages: 1 (306 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Chrystian Rincon

Brands names are worth it and necessary to have. To me this mean that brand with good quality last you longer and it help you spend less money. Some people would agree with this because it popular and it fashion. On the other hands, people would disagree with this because it a waste of money of money for them. I personally believe brand names are worth it and necessary to have since it made by famous people.

One reason why I feel that brand names are worth it and necessary to have is because the clothes last you longer since it good quality, for example ,Polo, North Face, True Religion , Rugby, etc. are good quality clothes that can last you longer, compare to Old Navy, JcPenny ,or Marcy which are bad quality clothes. However people might say that they prefer cheap clothes better since it could save them money.

Another reason why brand names are worth are worth it, is because it made by a famous person people for example, Ralph Lauren who change his name and went on a business selling under the brand name Polo, another famous person is Jeffrey Lubell is the founder and has been Chief Merchant of True Religion since June 24, 2003. As you can see brand names are worth it and necessary to have.

People who disagree might say that brand name is not worth it or necessary to have because it could be a waste of money or not last longer. This might be true, however I think that having good quality clothes could help you spend less money and last you longer then having cheap clothes that will break faster and doesn’t last you longer. That is why I believe that having brand names are worth it and necessary to have.
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