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Case Overview
• Concentrated drink made from fruit juices, flower extracts, common vegetables and hermetic Indian herbs.

• Invented by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeedin the 19th century. •
• Marketed by the HamdardLaboratories, one of India`s largest health and wellness company.

• Maintained position in the market as a refreshing healthy drink •
• Stiff competition lately

• Therefore, it needs to undergo rebranding and repositioning to face this competition and increase its market share.

• Drink has been positioned as a refreshing and thirst quenching drink, which provides added nutritional benefits.
• The content of its advertising themes has been constantly changing its focus over time. • Initially, the product was advertised as a relief from the energy sapping summers of northern India.
• Later it used the ‘natural’ plank to differentiate itself from the emerging fizzy drinks in the market.
• With the beginning of the 90s, the brand again moved to ‘oral re-hydration’ and started espousing its health benefits.
• In the latter part of the decade, the freshness, or ‘taazgi’, aspect became the central pillar for promotion with the health and values being moved to fine print. •
• India as a country offers the highest

• 10% of the global beverage consumption, which is the 3rd largest •
• The market is highly seasonal in nature with consumption varying from 25 million crates per month during peak season to 15 million crates during off season. •
• The market is predominantly urban with 25 per cent contribution from rural areas. •
• Coca Cola and Pepsi dominate the Indian soft drinks market. •
Marketing Mix
Marketing Mix
Marketing Mix
Marketing Mix
Porter’s Five Forces
Competitive rivalry within the Concentrate...
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