Brand Management and Socio-Cultural Innovation: Is It a Myth or Reality for Performance?

Topics: Stratified sampling, Management, Business Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Research Proposal

Brand Management and Socio-Cultural Innovation: Whether a myth or reality for performance? Case of Karachi Stock Exchange

Economics has showed that the largest extent of commercial corporations’ value comes from options and unanticipated choices in their portfolio. Brands are special cases of these usual choices, and are exclusive for each firm. Therefore, managers, especially those in charge of marketing boards and marketers must spend more time studying these choices. It is proved that the brand has required capabilities to create value for stockholders and corporations evaluating their merit regarding their tangible assets such as factories, stocks, and cashes have changed their attitude considering brands as precious assets when evaluating themselves with brands having the same importance as other tangible assets do- and approve the significance of managing them accurately and authoritatively. Powerful brands compared to other related patterns not only lead to more turnovers for stakeholders, but also do it with lesser risks (e.g., the risk of making wrong decisions). Concerning the contribution of marketing in the performance of firms, it can be said that the market orientation and organizational culture are two of the firm characteristics worthy to be considered in models studying adaptation of the corporations with the intensity of environmental competitions and how these characteristics impress the performance. Therefore, in order to overcome these limitations, we will attempt to propose a model including brand management from the firm’s point of view. Objectives of the research will be: * Assert on the role of brand management as a mediating variable between Market Orientation and brand performance, and between innovative culture and brand performance. * Providing a context for guiding brand management and increasing customers’ and other stakeholders’ trust. * Opening a way for companies more unknown than others in...
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