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Brand Leadership

By | November 2010
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Building measurable and sustaining market leadership through brands

Is your brand a…?


Market Share

Q4 Q3 Underdog Q1 Q2 Challenger



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The Brand Leadership Matrix TM

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Building measurable and sustaining market leadership through brands

Introduction How healthy is your brand? Is it a leader in its sector or is it a follower? Are you able to command premium pricing and own the most profitable customer segments? Are you leveraging and optimizing your brand fully or are you living off its past legacy without continuous innovation and revitalization? Giving the financial values attributed to brands today, staying on top of the brand ladder is critical to success. Strong brands ensure a stable growing income stream while weak brands live from day-to-day. Understanding the health of your brand and managing it as a financial asset ensures that it is accorded the maximum attention and protection that it deserves. Brand Leadership Matrix TM Adapted from the BCG Matrix developed in the ‘70s to analyze corporate investment strategy, the Brand Leadership MatrixTM was developed with the purpose of helping brand owners measure and analyze the strength of their brands and the effectiveness of their branding and marketing strategies. Brand Leadership Matrix TM H The Ex-Champ • A complacent former ‘Leader’ that is living off of its past glory • Stale and boring, but still commands a loyal following • Focus is on maintaining status quo Market Share Q4 The Underdog Q1 • No clearly differentiated brand and product proposition • Competes on price, promotion or some other functional dimensions • In danger of being acquired or eliminated The Leader • The most influential/ talked about brand in the market • High market visibility and preference • Demonstrates market...

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