Brand Image and Reputation - Essay

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Brand Image and Reputation

There are many different factors that have influenced Apple’s brand image and reputation allowing it to be where it is today. Apple is unique in that it not only manufactures computers and electronic devices, but it also creates and engineers the operating system and software the runs on it. Consumers tend to associate Apple with trendy high quality products that are dedicated to innovation, attention to detail, ease of use, and creative thinking. Apple makes sure that their brand image has a strong presence in everything that they do. Their products support this brand image by providing an innovative and functional device with a very simplistic, elegant, and distinctive design. Apple has been able to use their brand image to differentiate their products, create a competitive advantage, and command premium prices from their suppliers. They continue to encourage the development and awareness of their brand image through extensive advertising which is estimated to cost them $300 million this year.


In 2006 Fortune Magazine ranked Apple number one for U.S. Companies with the highest reputation for innovation. Thanks to a history of abundant R&D budgets Apple has been able to innovate and create new technology that has become the first of its kind and surpassed the capabilities of competitors. From their first computer in 1977 to the release of the IPod in 2001, Apple has been able to prosper from new products that seem to be ahead of their time. Apple has recently used their innovativeness to create a number of products that are one of a kind and unique. Examples include the ITouch and IPhone which have taken personal touch-screen technology to the next level and have shown potential to be the most successful wi-fi mobile devices on the market. In addition to that Apple’s new streaming wireless video device, the iTV, could become another hit and allow Apple to dominate the online video rental industry....
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