Brand Identity of Armani

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Brand management starts from the concept of brand identity. Brand identity has been defined as a word or a logo, related to a product, that at the beginning has no sense and then, year after year, it acquires a meaning determined by the products and the communications of the past. Firms can’t manage directly the sense behind their brands but they have to manage it through brand identity as perceived by the market. While brand image is a reception concept, identity is on the sender’s side. Therefore brand image emerges as the overall perception of a brand identity on the market place as driven by brand personality and positioning. Brand personality and positioning are a result of the interplay between different elements, all affecting the values and the symbolic meaning attached to a brand. Brand identity can be defined as a system of attributes. Kapferer uses an identity prism to describe from sender perspective and receiver’s perspective in six dimensions. The left side of the prism is intended to project outward & externalize the brand. The right dimensions transfer in internalizing the brand. INDENTITY PRISM

The Brand identity prism has been horizontally divided into three regions based on the concept that in any communication, we have a sender, a recipient and a medium connecting the two. In prism the top most division is the one that describes the brand’s sender that is the person bearing the brand’s name. This includes the Brand Physique and Personality. These six facets as well as the boundaries, define the Identity of a brand. These facets are interrelated and form a well-structured entity. The context of one facet echoes that of another, since brands can only exist if they communicate, the prism concept derives from the assumption that brands have the gift of speech.

For symbol intensive firms particular importance is assumed by three kinds of brand attributes: corporate and brand history and core competencies, product and stylistic identity and visual identity.

Giorgio Armani

Brand overview

Giorgio Armani S.P.A is an international Italian fashion house that designs, manufactures, distributes, and retails haute couture, ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, watches, jewellery, accessories, eyewear, cosmetics, and home interiors. Corporate history

In 1975 he was convinced by his friend Sergio Galeotti to establish the company GIORGIO ARMANI S.P.A. giving birth to his label of clothing, positioned within the ready-to-wear segment. The turning point was 1978 when Armani signed his first important licensing agreement with Gruppo Finanziario Tessile, one of the largest apparel companies in Italy. Armani designed his collections and GFT took care of industrialization, production and distribution. After the success of his first collection Armani decided to extend his name over a wider product range entering into new licensing agreements. Furthermore, thanks to the constant flux of royalties rising from the GFT licensing agreement, Armani could invest on his image and on his distribution network. Over the time his name became a successful umbrella-brand. Between 1975 and 1982 the following product lines were developed: * GIORGIO ARMANI - BORGONUOVO 21 (men’s and women’s wear collections,1975)· * GIORGIO ARMANI – LE COLLEZIONI (men’s –worldwide- and women’s wear -North America- 1979)· * MANI (men’s-North America- and women’s wear -rest of the world)· * ARMANI JUNIOR·

* GIORGIO ARMANI INTIMATE WEAR (men’s and women’s wear)· * GIORGIO ARMANI SWIMWEAR (men’s and women’s)·
* GIORGIO ARMANI ACCESSORIES (for men and women)
* EMPORIO ARMANI (men’s and women’s wear collections, 1981).

Stylistic identity
Armani has been, first of all, an interpreter of modernity thanks to his curiosity and his willingness to stay in touch with everyday life. His secret is to elaborate, through his creativity, what people in the street...
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