Brand Failures

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  • Published : March 30, 2011
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Brand Failures: effect of the marketing mix

Link these brands: Hush Puppies, ModiLuft, and Kellogg’s.
You are right, they are all examples of failed brands. Have you ever wondered why a brand fails, in spite of the extensive research, strategy and planning that goes behind it? Can it be that the brand can fail even if one of the P’s of the marketing mix goes wrong? Let’s look at this aspect of brand failures. The marketing mix is a mixture of the four P’s: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. The brand is at a risk of failure even if one of these P’s are goofed up. Let’s see how. Let’s take one of the examples quoted above- Hush Puppies from Bata. In India, Bata is always perceived to be a low-price brand, which targets the middle class. When it brought in new and expensive brands like Hush Puppies, it did not find many buyers. Thus, it failed on the Price front. Talking about shoes, consider Reebok as well. When it brought in Bhaichung Bhutia, the Sikkimese footballer to endorse its products, the sales did not show much improvement. Here, it failed on the Promotion front, because it failed to realize that in India, it is cricket that sells more than football. The use of the right type of celebrity for endorsement is important. This statement was also proved from a market research conducted to find out if the new face of Mirinda, Asin made a difference to the popularity of the drink. The survey results showed that about 80% of the respondents still preferred their old favourites when it came to soft drinks. On the contrary, when Aamir Khan was roped in by Coca-Cola for the ‘Thanda Matlab Coca-Cola’ campaign, cold drinks were invariably associated as Coca-Cola for quite some time. When we talk about brand failures, one classic example that comes to the mind is that of Kellogg’s. Kellogg’s failed in two of the P’s of the mix- Product and Price. One mistake on the part of Kellogg’s was that it did not take into account people’s tastes (literally). It assumed...
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