Brand Engagement and Consumer Loyalty Strategies

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Brand Engagement and Consumer Loyalty Strategies

By | Jan. 2011
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Two Real Examples of Brand Engagement and Customer Loyalty Strategies that Work It’s another gorgeous July afternoon in Colorado with a slight breeze, undetectable humidity and sunshine with occasional big white fluffy clouds floating by. I get that Friday afternoon call from some friends around 3:30, “Wanna get together for burgers and beers?” they ask. “Sounds like a plan,” I respond and add, “What shall we bring?” They say “how about a salad and some chips?” "Sure, be there around six, see you then,” I said. At about 5pm we were off to the store to pick up our food commitments. I headed for the beverage cooler to select something refreshing…(our friends always have a keg of some sort but I wasn’t feeling like beer, but rather, some sort of wine cooler or other malt beverage.) As I pondered through the selection, I spotted a brand I hadn’t tried before, TWISTED TEA®, a variety of ‘hard tea’ flavors that sounded perfect for my palette at the time! So, I took a chance on a new brand and put them in my cart. Once at our friends, and settled into a patio chair with appetizers, a lit grill, and great conversation, I popped open my first ever Twisted Tea ‘half & half’ – the flavor I chose that was half tea and half lemonade, sort of like an ‘Arnold Palmer’ style drink – but with 5% alcohol. To my surprise, it was smooth and refreshing, and best of all not too sweet like some of the other wine coolers I’ve had – and it really tasted like brewed tea! I started to study the label, as I was curious about the brand, now that I determined that my taste buds liked it, and realized they were a tea brewer, in Cincinnati, OH, near where I grew up in the mid-west. Then, I noticed that the back of the bottle label featured a photo from one of their customers decorated in Twisted Tea labels. And it hit me how clever and yet highly strategic this program was in creating and building brand/customer loyalty. Each bottle thereafter, had a different back label, featuring a...

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