Brand Culture

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Brand culture

Brand culture is a company culture in which employees "live" to brand values, to solve problems and make decisions internally, and deliver a branded customer experience externally. It is the desired outcome of an internal branding, internal brand alignment or employee engagement effort that elevates beyond communications and training.

Branding is usually associated with expensive advertising campaigns that draw a rosy picture of a given company. A picture that customers cannot always recognize when dealing with the company in real life.

At Brand culture we introduce a more sustainable way of branding. We believe that for a brand to be credible and profitable in the long run, there must be consistency and authenticity in every contact interface – from advertising to store decoration, employee behavior as well as product quality. That’s why we help companies identify and remove the gap between what they communicate and what their customers really experience.

The key to succesful branding lies in building a company culture where every employee feels and acts like a passionate brand ambassadors. We have created processes that help companies involve their employees in the brand building process.

The process of globalization is demolishing the physical boundaries of the markets and fuelling competition. Now brands, result-oriented strategies and efficient customer relationship management play important role in achieving an edge over competitors. harisma of brands cannot be undermined. Some of the brands have become, more or less, generic names. These include Fridge, Xerox, Insta, Dalda, Surf and Lifebouy. People use these brand names whenever they wish to refer to the actual product even if it carries a different name. The word Fridge has become a synonymous for refrigerator, Xerox for photocopy, Insta for cellular phone, Dalda for vanaspati ghee, Surf for washing powder and Lifebouy for carbolic soap.

The brand names assure the users of certain quality standards and consistency of quality. At the same time brand loyalty generates repeated sales for the brand owners. The confidence level is often to the extent that consumers even do not know the name of manufacturer or the country where these products have been manufactured.

Pakistan cannot remain immune to the process of globalization. While it has to open the domestic market for the overseas suppliers, Pakistani manufacturers not only have to face the competition in the local market but also compete in the international markets. The biggest challenge is for textiles and clothing sector which has been surviving due to quota regime. Some of the Pakistani brands from the sector, i.e. Bonanza and ChenOne have become known in global markets and many more names are passing through the process of recognition. Therefore, by following the foot prints of the leaders, other can also let the world known about their products.

Exploring the influence of branding in various industries is very interesting story. While most of the marketers accept the importance of brands in case of consumables and durables, even agricultural inputs are being sold with brand names. The two examples are Engro and Kissan urea. As a majority equity participant in FFC-Jordan, Fauji Fertilizer preferred to use Kiss n name due to its widespread brand loyalty.

In the consumer market the strength of brand names like Surf, Dalda, Robin Blue are the stalwarts. In urban areas and in case of brand-loyal customers the insistence of a consumer to buy a product is understandable. However, in rural areas where people cannot read names, they identify the products by logos. Some of these brands are often considered as generic names. This kind of brand loyalty or association has been developed due to extensive and intensive promotion by the companies. The impact of brand influence can also be gauged by lubricants buying habit of drivers. Now they insist of a brand rather than...
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