Brand Creative Brief: Wonderbread Classic White

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Alex Lacroix|
Mohamed Ahmed|

1. Client and Brand Description
2. The target
3. Target Market General Sweet Spots
4. Category Sweet Spots
5. The problem
6. The key objective / Communication Objective
7. Campaign Promise
8. Brands Main competitor, its problem and promise

1. Client and Brand Description:

Wonder Bread is the client. In Canada, it is manufactured by Weston Bakeries. Wonder Bread Classic White is the specific brand that has been chosen for this assignment. Arguably the most known sliced bread brand in North America, a staple in the history of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now holding a significantly weaker market share in the world of bread since running afoul of various government organizations that look after health concerns and false advertising for making false claims. The emergence of healthy living, brown bread and the foodie revolution are other contributing forces that have weakened the once powerful product.

The company web site and product packaging display a bunch of colourful balloons as the logo and an overall happy look pulling your attention away from other shelved products sitting next to the Wonder Bread Classic White.

2. The target:

Men with newfound independence, mainly including: Students, bachelors, divorcees and married men on social male adventures not involving Wives. The Target stems from either previously not being permitted to have white bread growing up or having a nostalgic memory of always having it in the home.

Our target:
* Has recently moved out on his own
* Has recently experienced divorce, a break up or some form of new independence * Is the dominant decision maker in the household
* Enjoys making his own decisions when spouse is away or when she is unable to influence the purchase * Weighs more value on comfortable taste as opposed to health * Is not necessarily poor to the extent that 15% is a factor when making a $2.00 purchase * Appreciates “macho male" type humor

* Enjoys Hollywood action and comedy films
* Does not want to be troubled with the annoyance of detailed price and ingredient comparisons * Wants to be perceived as cool and/or a hero amongst guy friends

On the surface it appears that Wonder bread classic’s target is a Mother looking to please her children. Digging deeper we discovered that many shoppers remember eating it as a child; now occasionally purchase white bread from time to time as a comfort food. However bread containing more nutritional value is what they mostly buy due to the common perceived knowledge that white bread is not only free of any nutrition, but also actually bad for you. Additionally the white bread they chose is either the private label brand or white bread claiming to have added nutritional value.

Further along our research one of the recurring buyers is what seemed to us as the lower income class white families. Opting to put the private label white bread in their carts or simply the white bread that is on sale. Generally these customers answered explaining that they simply do not like the taste of brown and whole wheat and neither do their children or husbands. It was during one of our adventures to Wal-Mart where it really came to us. Observing a construction worker type of character walking down the isle with his family as they approach the bread section. He looks at his wife with a grin and separates himself from the pack and makes his move. To her disapproval, clearly indicated by her body language, he smiles and grabs two Wonder Bread Classic loaves and drops them in the cart! That is when it began to occur to us that it is possible that most men with any type of “manly man” deep down inside of them are in fact one the real targets!

Our targets include college students and people with newfound independence looking to rebel. Under most circumstances, they buy it as a...
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