Brand Communications - One Brand, One Promise

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  • Published: June 26, 2013
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INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS (IMC) Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) involves the coordination of all forms of marketing communications in a unified program that maximizes the impact on consumers and other types of customers. It embraces many unique yet complementary forms of communication:  Media advertising (a focus on message strategies and media strategies in a traditional media environment)  Direct response communications (communications that encourage immediate action)  Digital communications that include online, mobile (cell phone), and CD-DVD communications  Sales promotion (both consumer and trade promotions)  Public Relations  Event marketing and sponsorships  Personal selling ADVERTISING A form of marketing communications designed to stimulate a positive response from a defined target market. PUBLIC RELATIONS A form of communications designed to gain public understanding and acceptance. EVENT MARKETING The process, planned by a sponsoring organization, of integrating a variety of communications elements with a single event theme. SPONSORSHIP The act of financially supporting an event in return for certain advertising rights and privileges. POSITIONING Discuss about brand communications will not complete without talking about positioning. Positioning refers to the selling concept that motivates purchase, or the image that marketers desire a brand to have in the minds of customers. The positioning strategy statement has a direct impact on the nature of the message that must be communicated to consumers. It clearly identifies where the company wants the product to be in the market and help provide direction to the message that will ultimately be communicated to customers. Furthermore, it serves as the standard for considering what strategies to use and not use. HOW’S THE PROCESS ? 1. Your brand 2. Understand what makes you unique and living by those rules – find out the unique point of...
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