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Liberty Shoes

Liberty is India’s No. 1 footwear brand and the 5th largest footwear manufacturer in the World. Liberty produces footwear for the entire family, right from the toddlers to the young at heart. Liberty Footwear is the only Indian company that is among the top 5 manufacturers of leather footwear of the world with a turnover in excess of $ 100 million producing more than 60,000 pairs of footwear a day.

Origin of the brand
-Established in 1954, today the company through its six manufacturing units collectively produces 50,000 pairs of footwear a day that is sold through 6,000 multi-brand outlets and 350 exclusive showrooms and has presence in 25 countries with 50 showrooms outside India. -It was predominantly focused in the export of shoe uppers till the early '80s when the Indian domestic market started to show promise. Therefore in 1982, the company set up a unit to exclusively manufacture footwear for the domestic market at an investment of Rs 3 crores. Its sport shoes range is manufactured using polyurethane technology, though eventually set a precedent for the domestic market was initially considered a risky proposition as it was priced at Rs 300 a pair, compared with conventional canvas shoes selling at Rs 50. By 1989 Liberty had become an Rs 35-crore company. -Liberty posted Rs 260.29 crore net sales in 2009-10 with net profit of 9.82 crore is aiming for above 20 per cent growth every year

Brand Identity, Personality and Symbolism
-'Force 10', Liberty's first sub-brand, was launched in August 1990, a time when a casual footwear wave was sweeping the Indian market. By 1994-95, Force 10 became Liberty's flagship brand in value, notching up sales of Rs 32 crore. In the coming years, it not only helped the company establish its name in the domestic footwear market, but also paved the way for nine other sub-brands and a firm foothold in the mass family footwear segment led by Bata and became the country's second largest footwear company. -Liberty has re-positioned themselves as a more vibrant and contemporary brand without leaving the current comfort, durability and value. -In April 2003, the Liberty Group underwent an important restructuring and its product portfolio was revamped. As a part of the restructuring process, the company split its manufacturing and retail business in January 2004, with Liberty Shoes as the holding company for its shoe business and a subsidiary Liberty Retail Revolution Ltd for its retail business, which established a new retail channel through "Revolutions Stores", that was set up at Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai. In 2006 Liberty Shoes joined hands with Pantaloon. The company underwent a major expansion in the 2000s, both in retail and manufacturing bases leading to a sharp growth. In the year 2002-03, the company posted a retail turnover of Rs 400 crore. -Liberty took up the task of creating awareness for its brand name in the Indian market. Their advertising and promotion strategy over the years has consistently aimed at positioning Liberty as a complete family footwear brand. Initially, they focused on the upper class segment as our core target market. Later on, shifted attention towards the middle and upper-middle class segment also. The focus was very clearly moving towards middle and upper class segment since the premium segment had low volumes. Liberty has been perceived as a brand which is young, modern and offering new and international range of footwears. -The brand name of Liberty is synonymous with footwear in the minds of the people. One can always think of footwear when the word ‘Liberty’ is seen or heard. Liberty’s consolidated image is one of a family brand offering great value for money. -Liberty used the word “Revolution” as a symbol for their diversification. -Liberty has created a repertoire of 10 well developed brands, each one of which has been painstakingly nurtured to cater to its specified target group. Care has...
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