Brand Building and Brand Management for Tianjin Xiao Bai Lou 1902...

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Brand Building and Brand Management for Tianjin Xiao Bai Lou 1902 European Style Street

By | March 2011
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Chapter 1Introduction4

1.1Historical Background4
1.2Socio-Cultural Background4
1.3Political and Economic Background5
1.4Xiaobailou 1902 European Street5

Chapter 2Objectives7

Chapter 3Literature Review8

3.1Literature review on Xiao Bai Lou8
3.2Literature review on the concept of Brand8

Chapter 4Research Methodology11

4.1. The purpose of the questionnaire method11
4.2. Sampling Methodology11
4.3. Questionnaire surveys to Tianjin residents11
4.4 Semi-structured Interviews12

Chapter 5Findings and Analysis13

5.1Comments on Internet Forums13
5.2Brand Attributes of “Xiao Bai Lou 1902 European Style Street”14 5.3The Brand Image Attributes of Xiao Bai Lou17
5.4 Brand Recall of Xiao Bai Lou20
5.5 Reason of Visit to Xiao Bai Lou22
5.6 Promotion channels for Xiao Bai Lou22

Chapter 6 Recommendations24

6.1Enhancement on Brand Attributes Recognition24
6.2Recall Enhance33
6.3Implementation Plan34
6.4Sustain the Brand Awareness35

Chapter 7 Conclusions38

Chapter 8 References40


Appendix – 1Questionnaire43
Appendix – 2Comments on Internet Forums47
Appendix – 3Presentation PowerPoint48


The residential trip study topic for our group is “Xiao Bai Lou 1902 European Style Street Brand Building and Brand Management”. Since China has been member of World Trade Organization WTO in 2001, many cities in China grow fast and modernization in these ten years. Being a municipality directly under the central government and being only 137 kilometers southeast of Beijing, the capital of China, Tianjin takes the lead in north China to realize modernization.

Our objective is to find out the brand awareness level of “Xiaobailou 1902 European Style Street” – a street located in the central area of Xiao Bai Lou region which is the central business district of Tianjin; then, analyse its brand building...

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