Brand Awareness and Personality Dimension

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The research aims to obtain the influence of brand awareness and personality dimensions of laundry soaps to consumer loyalty. The researcher surveyed 30 respondents for the purpose. Common brands of laundry soaps available in the market are mentioned in the survey. The researcher utilized descriptive statistics, t-test, ANOVA, correlation and multiple regressions for the analysis and interpretation of the data. The research found out that Brand Awareness and Personality Dimension do not have a significant relationship in consumer loyalty. Instead, both variables (BA and PD) can significantly influence consumer loyalty as analyzed in the study.

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1The Problem and the Review of Related Literature

Review of the Related Literature 2

Statement of the Problem 6

Hypotheses 7


Research Design 8

Research Instruments 9

Data Gathering Procedureand

Statistical Treatment10

3Results and Discussions12

4Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

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A.Questionnaire Survey Form20

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1Brand Awareness Progression 4

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1Profile Distribution of Respondents13

2Brands of Detergents that Respondent have tried in

Laundry Chores13

3Consumer’s Consciousness to Laundry Brand Attributions14

4Descriptive Results of Variables 15

5ANOVA, Correlation and Regression Analysis of Variables (Null Hypotheses)16

6Regression Statistics16

The Problem and the Review of Related Literature
Customer loyalty describes the tendency of a customer to choose one business or product over another for a particular need. In the packaged goods industry, customers may be described as being "brand loyal" because they tend to choose a certain brand of product or service more often than others. Note the use of the word "choose" though; customer loyalty becomes evident when choices are made and actions taken by customers. Customers may express high satisfaction levels with a company in a survey, but satisfaction does not equal loyalty. Loyalty is demonstrated by the actions of the customer; customers can be very satisfied and still not be loyal (

This study aims to provide the relationship of consumer’s loyalty to brand awareness and personality dimension among brands of detergent soaps available in the marketplace.
Furthermore, this research can be a good information update on the common brands the consumer uses in households specifically in laundry chores. And this can be a good source of information about product performance among detergent soaps versus the price and their effectiveness. The satisfaction level and the consumer loyalty are very crucial to any product for their continued existence in the market. The researcher believed that this is a good source of information for detergent manufacturers specifically their marketing department or for marketing communication program for product promotion.

The researcher considered common brands of detergent soaps available in many supermarkets in Davao City. Common brands like Tide, Surf, Wings, Champion, Ariel, Solve and Speed are being depicted in the survey questionnaire.

Review of Related Literature

The concept of brand is at the root of equity. A brand represents a name, term,...
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