Brand and Nivea

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1.1.Brand and/or organizational values4
1.1.1. The umbrella brand5
2.1.Brand/company heritage6
3.1.Brand and/or company strengths and weaknesses7
3.1.1. Strengths7
3.1.2. Weaknesses8
4.1.Analysis of competition8


Throughout this paper, we will try to introduce you more closely to the brand of NIVEA, its core brand values, way of operating its business and strong relationship with its customers. The legacy skincare brand Nivea can be easily found in 150 countries around the world. Approaching its 100th birthday, " Nivea" derives from the Latin word " nivius, meaning snow-white." The first brand to bring skincare products from the privileged elite to the mass market, its initial product offering, Nivea Crème, was created by a team of dermatologists who claimed it was " the world's first long-lasting skin cream" (Manning-Schaffel, V. 2005). NIVEA Crème was created in 1911 by the German company Beiersdorf. At that time it was a breakthrough in science. It was the first stable oil in water cream in the world and was therefore considered to be the beginning of modern cosmetics. The discovery of an emulsifier called “Eucerit” meant that oil and water could be combined to give a stable base for ointments. Due to its stable consistency, this cream had a pure white appearance.

By 1924, Nivea initiated the use of its blue and white tins, still in use today. A brand born of dermatological expertise, consumers continue to associate Nivea with trust, reliability and accessibility. Owned by Beiersdorf AG, an international branded goods company in Germany, Nivea has grown from one signature product to over 300, encompassing fourteen product categories, which include a vast expanse of sub-brands such as Body, Visage, Beauté, Sun, For Men, Hair Care, and Baby. Through the years, Nivea has found success with new product rollouts by maintaining a rock solid consistency in its brand messaging, both visually and verbally. BRAND ANALYSIS

Brand and/or organizational values

Over the years, NIVEA - primarily through NIVEA Creme - has acquired a unique, universal brand identity as a caretaker of skin. NIVEA is synonymous with protection and caring for the skin. “Mildness,” “reliability,” “gentleness,” “protection,” “high quality,” and “value for money” are all strongly associated with the NIVEA name. Throughout Europe, most users were first introduced to Nivea crème during their childhood learning that it was a product that could be used by the entire family to satisfy all kinds of needs. Because of consumers’ own personal history with the brand and the company’s advertising, NIVEA had become strongly associated with shared family experiences and had a rich set of other brand associations. Security, trust, closeness, and credibility are the brand’s core values. 'NIVEA stands for skin care, trust, quality, ease of use and value for money. These are the values that our consumers all over the world appreciate. We have to ensure that our brand identity reflects these values, one aspect of which is our product design,' explained Ralph Gusko, executive board member for brands at Beiersdorf. "Around two-thirds of all purchase decisions are made at the shelf. The new NIVEA design's high recognition value will make it easier for consumers around the world to find the NIVEA products they are looking for. The consistent design language across all channels – from product packaging, through point of sale to advertising – also increases consumer identification with the brand and encourages them to additionally use products in other categories," continued Gusko. Security, trust, closeness, and credibility are the brand’s core values. Some of basic core values of NIVEA company are:

* They were not using animal fats in their product. Their products are made of natural ingredients. *...
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