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Topics: Brand, Psychology, Exposure effect Pages: 4 (845 words) Published: March 21, 2013

Consumer Behaviour
Kristina Georgiou and Alison Barker

Tutorial Questions
Trimester 1, 2013

Students Week 2 - 04/03/13
Chapter 8 1. 2. 4. How does a discrepancy between the ideal state and the actual state affect consumer behavior? What factors affect the inclusion of brands in the consideration set, and why would a company want its brand in the consideration set? What six broad groups of sources can consumers consult during external search. Where does the Internet fit into these groups.

Chapter 9 3. 6. 7. How do consumers use compensatory and noncompensatory decision-making models? How do appraisals and feeling, as well as affective forecasting, influence consumer decision making? What three contextual elements affect consumer decision-making?


Week 3 – 11/03/13
Chapter 10 5. 6. What is brand loyalty, and what role does it play in low-effort decision-making? How do price and value perceptions affect low-effort decision making?

Chapter 11 3. 5. How do expectations and performance contribute to disconfirmation? Why is complaining important to marketers and how should complaints be handled?

Week 4 – 18/03/13

1. 2. 3. How does Umpqua enhance consumer motivation by making itself personally relevant to customers? Explain, in consumer behavior terms, how the Innovation Lab enhances customers’ ability to process information about banking products and services? What is Umpqua doing to enhance consumers’ opportunity to process information about financial services?

Week 5 – 25/03/13
Chapter 3 1. 4. 5. How do zipping and zapping affect consumers’ exposure to stimuli such as products and ads. What is perception, and what methods do we use to perceive stimuli? Differentiate between the absolute threshold and the differential threshold, and explain how...
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