Brand Analysis of Motorola

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Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions Brand Analysis

Motorola Mobility, once known as the Mobile Division of Motorola, is one of the leading manufacturers of smart phones. Pioneers of the flip phone known as Star Tac in the mid 1990’s, Motorola was slow to embrace digital technology.

(1) This caused them get bypassed by their global rivals and incur losses in the billions of dollars. In 2009 Motorola shifted its operating system from their proprietary system to Google’s Android operating system and in October 2009, Motorola announced a forthcoming smart phone named “Droid” that launched on the Verizon network on November 6th, 2009.

(2) The success of this launch and subsequent launches of the Droid 2, and Droid X helped Motorola regain much of its market share in the United States.

(3) Current launches of the Atrix 4G and the Bionic have provided customers with the first 4G phones with dual core processors. In addition to devices, Motorola Mobility has come up with technology that makes it consumers’ lives easier. MotoCast ™ is an app that allows users to “sync, store and access the stuff stored on their home computers from their smart phones.”

(4) This is a great tool for students who may need to print out their papers wirelessly for submission or sales reps in the field who need to access various forms and information. It even serves the everyday user who may want to view photos and videos or listen to downloaded music without using up the storage space on their smart phone.

Motorola Mobility (MMI) recently announced its first earnings results as a new and independent business entity. Although previous talk of a sale to a rival vendor has died down, it's interesting to revisit this idea in light of its new found independence. First and foremost we should evaluate MMI's assets and who can benefit from it. Over the past few years, the company went from being a global player present in all consumer segments to a local vendor focused on a...
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