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Topics: Collagen, Vitamin C, Target market Pages: 5 (1186 words) Published: October 27, 2011
* To inform audience is not adequate to maintain healthy body and young skin by just follow healthy lifestyle likes having regular healthy meal and doing exercise.

* To inform and persuade audience about the Brand’s Innershine OPC beauty drink which can bring them benefit as show as below: * To restore and maintain beauty and youthfulness of skin from within the body. * To strengthen the skin’s collagen, and thus make the skin become firm and youthful always. * To protect the skin against further damage.

* To Increase brand equity
* Brand’s is leading healthy supplement brand in the market which is uphold the principal of selecting natural ingredient to produce the healthy supplement products. * Using Penny Tai (Malaysia’s famous singer) as the brand ambassador. * Penny Tai as a representative of Asia modern women which is one of the target market.

Product Features: Unique Sellling Proposition (USP)
* Formulated with OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins Complexes) which includes berry essence with grape seed extract. There are 5 types of quality berries from US and Europe inside the essence which are Acai Berry, Blueberry, Blackcurrant, Aronia and Cranberry.

* OPC contains antioxidants properties:
* 20 times more powerful than Vitamin C
* 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E

* OPC offers 2 approach to skin protection:
* Combat and neutralize free radicals.
* Free radical which known as highly reactive compound that will cause oxidative damage to skin and also will faster the aging process. * Besides that, environment pollutants such as alcohol, cigarette smoke, chemicals, stress, and UV rays also are the causes of damage in cellular structure.

* Locking and Strengthening
* Our body produces collagen which helps to keep the skin firm and young, but collagen will lost and damage over time. Thus, it is very important to prevent collagen damage and lost from our body. * OPC locks and strengthens collagen in the skin, protects the skin from collagen and elastin degradation. * Berry essence with grape seed extract contains high level of anti-oxidant index among fruits. This enable the skin to restore the beauty and youthfulness, protect the skin from harmful damage and result can be seen within just 2 weeks.

* Brand’s Innershine OPC as a healthy supplement drinks is easier absorbed by the body since liquid is finer than other supplement product. It can deeply go into the base layer of the skin and fully absorb by the body. Thus, increase the metabolism level and repair the cell tissue within the body.

Information/Rational Appeal
* Show the fact that most of the Asia women look older than the actual age. (20-30 years old women being call as aunty). * Reason: UV rays (UVA & UVB), stress, environment pollution, inadequate sleeping hour and any other factor which lead the generation of free radical that cause the damage of skin tissue, collagen and elastin structure, promote melanin production and hence emerge variety of skin problems.

* Provides the fact that OPC (Berry Essence with Grape seed extract) is a nature’s super powerful antioxidant factor. * Able to reduce free radical and strengthen the collagen underneath the skin. * Provides nutrition and repair the damage cell inside the body thus maintains and restore the young skin.

Emotional Appeal
* Play on the emotion “Confidence”:
* In the TV commercial, Penny Tai called by the little girl as “jie jie” (sister in English) but her friend is called as aunty although both of them are nearly same age which is already more than 30 years old. * Penny Tai shows her confidence in the TV commercial because she has smooth, fair and bright skin just like the skin of the little girl.

Foote Cone & Belding Grid
* Affective Strategy
* The product in the TV commercial...
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