Branches of Judaism

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Branches of Judaism
I didn’t know that there were three different branches of Judaism before this course. The only thing I really knew about it was that they have a ceremony when a child becomes a man. The major branches that we learned about were Modern Orthodoxy, Conservative Judaism, Religious Zionism, Reform Judaism and Ultra Orthodoxy. Their methods and overall teachings are very diverse. The Modern Orthodoxy branch is essentially the core of Judaism, similar to Protestants in Christianity. Modern Orthodox members do not have any difficulty coming in contact with the rest of the world and don’t mind being in contact with people of different religious backgrounds. Conservative Judaism involves the traditional aspects of Judaism with some modern aspects such as interacting with the public. Religious Zionism acceptors believe all people of the Jewish faith needs to return to Israel. Ultra-Orthodox members do not associate with the outside world and only interact within their group delving time into studying the Torah. Reform Judaism is similar to Modern Orthodoxy but different in the aspect that they have included some teachings of Christianity.

I think I would choose to adopt Modern Orthodoxy, because it seems to coexist with the outside world to a certain extent but doesn’t create an issue with the actual teachings of the Torah. I believe in the 21st century, it is vital to be more understanding and introducing of people from different backgrounds. I don’t think I could adopt Ultra-Orthodox very much, since there is more to life than attempting to understand the Torah. There’s more to the world than religion, as much as it should play a high role in our lives, there’s a level of ignorant to the fact that God would not want you to only condemn yourself to the teachings of the Torah to the point that you don’t understand world or even recognize the world.
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