Branches of Goverment

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Branches of Government
The United States constitution was created by people who suffered oppression and dictatorships from the European countries. These people were also highly intelligent men that had knowledge of earlier history and attempted to establish a type of government which resembled the democracies of Old Greece. Having also analyzed John Locke and Thomas Hobbes the ancestors and forefathers of the US constitution looked to set up a type of government which prohibited a dictator or tyrant leader from seizing power from the individuals. The ancestors and forefathers developed a democratic republic where power was distributed among the 3 branches of government. Generally known as the “Separation of Powers” or the method of controls the federal government, it split into 3 branches; legislative, judicial and executive. Each branch keeps particular powers that are able of overriding the other branches of federal government. Each brank also has particular responsibilities that balance the job of federal government. The Legislative branch consists of 2 houses, the United States senate and the House of Representatives. The main objective of these 2 branches is to develop regulations for the country and to make sure that the regulations and activities of the other two branches are in the interest of the people. A few of the main powers of the legislative branch incorporate: passing federal regulations, establishment of lower federal courts, bypass of the Presidential veto, and the authority to impeach federal government officers which includes the president. The US senate, the 2nd half of the legislative branch, has the exclusive authority to confirm the President's appointments. For example to federal organizations, and to ratify treaties with international powers. The Senate also tries impeachment lawsuits for federal government officers referred to it through the House of Representatives. To pass laws and deliver it to the President for his signature. Both...
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