Bran Value Chain

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Brand Value Chain – Nestle Cerelac
[pic]‘A structured approach to assessing the sources and outcomes of brand equity and the manner by which marketing activities create brand value’ The brand value chain consists of four value stages and three multipliers as: Value Stages: 1.Marketing Program Investment, 2.Customer Mind-set, 3.Market Performance and 4.Shareholder Value. Multipliers: 1.Program Quality, 2.Marketplace Condition and 3.Investor Sentiment.Brand-Oriented Value Chains

Now we will discuss it one-by-one for our selected brand “Nestle Cerelac”. First Value Stage – Marketing Program Investment:
The brand value creation process begins when the firm invests in a marketing program targeting its actual and potential consumers. This marketing program can be product research and development, design, trade or intermediary support, advertising, promotion, sponsorship, direct or interactive marketing, personal selling, publicity, public relation and employee training. [pic]

Nestle Cerelac major investments on the marketing activities in year 2009 were its TVCs. First one launched in March for Nestle Cerelac stage 3 – new texture. Second one launched in September for Nestle Cerelac all stages – Bifidus. Hoardings of Nestle Cerelac Bifidus on the high exposure places. POS (Point-of-sale) material to support trade partners in better displaying the product. For employees who have babies, free Nestle Cerelac for 6 months. Making doctors company employees by hiring them for “Medical detailing team” of Nestle. Providing knowledge to the doctors and mothers through various seminars on the scientific aspects of the product only. First Multiplier – Program Quality Multiplier

The ability of the marketing program to affect the customer mind-set will depend on its quality. It has four major dimensions to judge the quality of a marketing program as: Clarity, Relevance, Distinctiveness and Consistency.
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