Topics: Cult, Jim Jones, Mind control Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: August 3, 2011

The word brainwashing is a process of changing the way an individual thinks and behaves. In Other words, the victim’s value systems, beliefs and goals are washed away and replaced by a new set of ideas that are beneficial to the dominate group such as cult not to the individual. There are various types of brainwashing such as thought reform, mind control and influence which cults used to manipulate their followers. The word brainwashing originated in 1950 when Edward Hunter, a journalist, wanted to describe the techniques used by Chinese Communists. Cults use more precise techniques which do not depend on physical coercion Meaning; forcing the followers to behave in an involuntary manner. The effects of cult involvement can last for sometime after a person leaves a cult. The term Mind control is being used on the public by religious organizations is the new form of persuasion. This technique helps cult leaders get what they want, without necessarily having to put a spell under the followers. Mind control allows you to enter a person unconscious and create influences. Getting people to agree with Jim Jones was easier since he was seen as a powerful leader of the group. They trusted his opinions and judgments. Back then it was not common for people to find someone to guide them toward a decision. Mind control techniques are not always negative it helps you manage your own ability to communicate within. You can use them to be more influential at work and improve your lifestyle. The term thought reform keeps the person unaware of what is going on and how he/she is being changed step at a time. New members are led step-by-step, through a behavioural program without being aware of the full content about the group. The goal maybe to get them to stay long hours to commit a deeper commitment, all depends on the cult leader’s aim and desires. The cults control the person’s social and physical environment; especially control the...
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