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Brainlining Exam-1
Alap Trivedi Question 1 After reviewing these articles on brainlining, briefly describe the concepts presented and how they might be applied to your marketing plan project.

Answer 1 The major aim of the brain lining is to get together and contribute to problems or give ideas that come in your mind. As we all know ideas can come anywhere, anytime. Brainlining just helps to contribute that idea at that moment to the forum. Isn’t it a wonderful idea in itself? You don’t have to wait for that flash of thought during a meeting and if you get something afterwards it’s no good. Think how advantageous is it to the problem or idea. The principles brainlining is based on are as wonderful as the whole concept. 1. There's no such thing as a bad idea. 2. The free expression of all ideas is encouraged. 3. Seek quantity rather than quality of ideas. 4. Encourage and build upon the ideas of everyone in the group.

These are the principles which lead to a 100% efficiency of a person’s mind. It is online; it helps one with different softwares, games, tools and technology to stimulate one’s mind to get more ideas. With the growth and far reach of the internet it just got easier. Imagine logging on to a brainlining session from Hawaii enjoying a vacation with your family rather than attending a board meeting feeing tensed and pressured to come up with something. In which case will you be able to think more freely? The whole concept of this brainlining is to help people think with most freedom so they can come up with more ideas. Not to mention the people from all the parts of world can participate in a single brainlining session. Think of the degree of diversification, creativity and innovativeness observed when people from all around the world think about one idea. Just guess how many perspectives will be there? With brainmapping softwares like Inspiration, ideaconnection, The Brain. There is no limit to a person’s ideas. These tools have really made it...
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