Brain vs. Computer

Topics: Human brain, Brain, Psychology Pages: 3 (745 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Human Brain vs. Computer

Thesis Statement: Some say computers are more smarter than the human brain but in reality a humans brain is what created it.

A. Human Brain
1. Memory not measurable
2. Would not overload from memory

B. Computer
1. Data programed
2. Can’t learn new things on its own
3.Limited memory space

III. Capability
A. Human Brain
1. Learn new things easily
2. Ability to make decisions

B. Computer
1. Multitasking (complex tasks)
2. No emotion

Upgrades and Repairs
A. Human Brain
1. Cannot be updated
2. Adaptable to new settings

B. Computer
1. Merge current ideas
2. Problems fixed easily

Human Brain Vs. Computer

The brain and computer are always being compared to each other because they both perform computations. Some say computers are more smarter than the human brain but in reality a humans brain is what created it. The brain and computer can be set apart by differences such as: memory, their capabilities and creativities.

Memory is the ability to store and revive information. The memory process for both the computer and human brain are very different. The human brain memory is not measurable. Scientist are unsure of how to calculate the size of memory in the brain. The capacity of the human brain is so big that it can not overload from information being stored in it. Although it is said that memory is not measurable, the memory process is very complex. There have been a few educated guesses that the memory process begins with encoding, then storing the information and some how retrieving it. Computers access its memory through a memory address; a number that is assigned to each byte in a computers memory that the CPU uses to track where data is stored. Data is programmed into the computer by a human being. Computers can not learn new things on its own. The computer memory cannot work independently. It has assistance by the human...
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