Brain Structure and Exercise

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Brain Structure Paper
Motivations in Psychology

Brain Structure Paper
It is common knowledge that exercise is an important part of an individual’s well being. It is not common knowledge, and not yet understood is the important benefits received from exercise. Exercise is generally regarded as a “fat Burner” and people look at exercise solely as a way to lose unwanted weight and pounds; however its benefits can meet specific health needs and change the structure and functioning of your brain as well. One major factor in the declining health of Americans and individuals around the world is the lack of exercise. Everyone would love to exercise if it was easy, or wasn’t time consuming, but it is. In order to reap the benefits of exercise you first must be motivated to do it. Without the knowledge of exercises specific benefits to each component of both our brains and body specifically there is limited or no motivation. In this paper I will discuss both the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations for exercise and how individuals can become self motivated and take ownership for their physical health.

It is now well established that changes in motor activity can alter brain structure. Animals or people that are exceedingly sedentary or living in environmentally impoverished states appear less resistant to a variety of illnesses. Although repetitive unskilled exercise has a positive effect on circulation, mood, and overall health specific Skilled Motor Training Exercises can alter one’s brain structure and promotes neuron growth. Increasing an individual’s bodily movement in the form of exercise, learning new motor skills has beneficial effects on brain structure. Increasing an individual’s daily activity also appears to be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of some neurological disorders. Techniques such as attempting to complete tasks with the opposite hand, attempting to complete multiple tasks at one time can prove to be difficult, but can also increase...
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