Brain Drain

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* What is Brain Drain
* Introduction of Brain Drain
* Concepct of Brain Drain
* How to stop Brain Drain
* Solution &Responsibility of Brain Drain
* Influence of Brain Drain
* Classification of Brain Drain
* Problem of Brain Drain
* Brain Drain in india
* Globlisation of Brain Drain
* Bibliography

What Is Brain Drain?
Brain drain is also known as “The human capital flight”. It can be simply defined as the mass emigration of technically skilled people from one country to another country. Brain-drain can have many reasons, for example-political instability of a nation, lack of opportunities, health risks, personal conflicts etc. Brain-drain can also be named as “human capital flight” because it resembles the case of capital flight, in which mass migration of financial capital is involved.

The term brain-drain was introduced by observing the emigration of the various technologists, doctors and scientists, from various developing countries (including Europe) to more developed nations like USA. Now this phenomenon of brain drain has a conversed effect for a country in which people are getting migrated and brain-drain of a nation becomes brain-gain for that particular country. Usually all developing countries including India are suffering from brain drain and developed countries like USA are having brain gain from this phenomenon.

Human capital flight, more commonly referred to as "brain drain", is the large-scale emigration of individuals with technical skills or knowledge. The reasons usually include two aspects which respectively come from countries and individuals. In terms of countries, the reasons may be social environment (in source countries: lack of opportunities, political instability, economic depression, health risks; in host countries: rich opportunities, comparatively good political system, developed economy, better living conditions). In terms of individual reasons, there are family influence (overseas relatives, and personal preference (preference for exploring, ambition for an improved career. Although the term originally referred to technology workers leaving a nation, the meaning has broadened into: "the departure of educated or professional people from one country, economic sector, or field for another, usually for better pay or living conditions".Brain drain is usually regarded as an economic cost, since emigrants usually take with them the fraction of value of their training sponsored by the government or other organizations. It is a parallel of capital flight, which refers to the same movement of financial capital. Brain drain is often associated with de-skilling of emigrants in their country of destination, while their country of emigration experiences the draining of skilled individuals. The term brain drain was coined by the Royal Society to describe the emigration of "scientists and technologists" to North America from post-war Europe. Another source indicates that this term was first used in the United Kingdom to describe the influx of Indian scientist and engineers. he converse phenomenon is "brain gain", which occurs when there is a large-scale immigration of technically qualified persons. There are also relevant phrases called "brain circulation" and "brain waste". Brain drain is common amongst developing nations, such as the former colonies of Africa, the island nations of the Caribbean,[5] and particularly in centralized economies such as former East Germany and the Soviet Union, where marketable skills were not financially rewarded. Two parties involved in brain drain are developing countries and developed countries. On the left side, because of the disadvantaged...
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