Brain Differences

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Difference between male and female brains

Despite that males and females are both humans, we have differences in the body and the brain. There are multiple differences between the male and female brain. It is not completely understood yet but it has been seen in the multiple areas of the brain. Now that we have the technology to properly study the brain we can see that there are differences. Some of these differences are the structure of the brain, what side of the brain we use more and how our brain affects our behavior. This paper will show you the differences that have been seen but also that the difference is not due to intelligence.

Development has a lot to do with the differences between males and females. For instance, around the teenage years females have a significant advantage with timed tests and tasks (Moran, 2012). During the pre-school and kindergarten grades the males and females timing process is the same, but during the teenage years is when they start to differ in time processing (Moran, 2012). In classrooms teachers have to realize that males do not do well in timed material so they should give it to them in chucks and structured time (Moran, 2012). This is not to say that they shouldn’t take tests, it’s just harder to them to take timed tests, so structure the test in multiple ways. Research found that males scored lower than females in all age groups on tests (Moran, 2012). But during adolescence, studies found that males were better in verbal abilities (Moran, 2012). Overall, there is not a difference in intelligence between males and females (Moran, 2012). Even though there is not a difference between intelligences, there is a difference in how each male and female absorb the information and process it. It is seen that one of the differences happens in the frontal and temporal lobe (Cowell, 1994, p. 4748). The majority of studies found that the brains of men age faster or earlier developing than those of women (Cowell, 1994, p. 4748). The temporal and frontal lobe gets smaller with age and therefore also decrease with each sex, but seems to decrease faster in men (Cowell, 1994, p. 4748). “The volume of the temporal lobe was also more reduced in older man than women, but this was not true in the remaining portion of the brain where older women also showed reduced volume” (Cowell, 1994, p. 4748). This is showing that different regions of the brain are affecting the differences between the male and female brain. Another difference is that men are more right brained and women are more left brained (Cowell, 1994, p. 4748). A “left-brained” person is said to be more logical and objective, where as a “right-brained” person is more subjective and thoughtful. This is hard to prove because it is not split down the middle. In other words, not all males are right brained and not all females are left brained. It is shown that in the female brain the left and right cortical thickness are the same (Diamond, 2003). But in the males, right and left cortical thickness are completely different (Diamond, 2003). “Males demonstrated increased leftward asymmetry within Heschl’s gyrus compared to females” (Good, 2000, p. 685). There was a significant difference on brain morphology, even after looking at the larger global volumes of grey and white matter in males (Good, 2000, p.685). “Females had increased grey matter volume adjacent to the depths of both centra sulci and the left superior temporal sulcus” (Good, 2000, p. 685). Males had increased grey matter volume in the mesial temporal lobes (Good, 2000, p. 685). Another major difference is the brain size between male and females. There are well seen sex differences in brain size with males having about ten percent larger total brain volume than women (Good, 2000, p. 686). It is said that the left plenum temporal is the largest in the male brain. But females have a larger percentage of grey matter. Females have also been reported to...
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