Brain Activity During Sleep

Topics: Sleep, Unconscious mind, Mind Pages: 4 (1625 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Brain Activity During Sleep
Imagine spending 1/3 of your life doing something and not knowing why you do it or what purpose is behind it. Sleep is one of the greatest mysteries that science is struggling with. It was once considered an inactive or passive state in which the mind used to recuperate from the day. This of course is not true, since the brain is in active stages while asleep and sometimes may even reach to a higher state of awareness than when awake. This fact has bewildered many scientists, and researchers have yet to find an answer to why our brain acts at a higher state while asleep. What’s going on inside our brain while we sleep? Nearly every day we leave consciousness and enter a state of dreams and deep sleep, yet we wake up unaware of what has happened during the time asleep. If we ask someone to tell us about what they dreamt the results are almost always unreliable. In fact it’s estimated that we forget 95% of the dreams we have, especially within the first 10 minutes of having them. In the early1950’s an incredible incident occurred. A researcher named Eugene Aserinsky, also known as The Stubborn Scientist, had made a ground breaking discovery, by constantly staying up at night in order to research his patients sleep patterns. He had used an Offner Dynograph, an ancient brain-wave machine used to collect abnormalities in the brain, on his 8 year old son, Armond. Scrubbing Armonds head and connecting wires, Armond went to sleep, yet Aserinsky fought the temptation. During study, Aserinsky, noticed that the Offner Dynograph pens propelled swiftly. Even though Armonds brain activity repelled which is a notion that he was wide awake, in fact he was asleep, and Armond’s eyes were fluttering around in short bursts under his eye lids. Eugene could only assume that his son was affiliated in a brain activity that required an amount of energy similar to the awake state. He also stated that the brain is going through a series of transformations...
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