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By | October 2010
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OCT 7, 2010 Descriptive Paragraph My Old Bedroom

When I was kid I loved so many things. The thing that I loved a lot was my bedroom. It wasn’t a big room but it was organized. My bed was on the left side. It was a used one, but it was still good. It was covered with a blue blanket. On my left side there were two big windows with glass doors. They were covered with a blue curtain. I enjoyed sleeping next to the windows and looking to the view. Besides i liked to see the sky with the stars at night. In front of my bed was a big wooding shelf. It had three levels. I used to put some books, on the top one for general study, the rest for schoolbooks. Next to the shelf there was a little table with a small TV on it. I connected it with a play station game. Sometimes I invited my friends to play together. There was a chair beside the TV. My father gave it to me when he bought a new one. It was old but comfortable. It made my back straight and relaxed when I read something. The entrance door was in the opposite side of the windows. Next to the door i had a big wooden closet with two doors. I used to put all my clothes in it and my personnel stuff too. I had a big vase of flowers on the top. Some pictures and an animal dolls. The floor was covered with a blue carpet. It was almost the same colour of the curtain of the windows. Even though the room was tight, it still had some space to play. The walls were yellow and they were decorated with some pictures, and the ceiling was white. In the middle was a small light hanging from the ceiling. Generally my bedroom was my favourite place, where I had my privacy and spent most of my time.

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