Bradstreet vs Pain Poem Analysis

Topics: Life, Death, Afterlife Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: October 23, 2011
Both "In Memory of My Dear Grandchild" by Anne Bradstreet and "Meditaion 8" by Philip Pain express two contrasting point of views in relation to death. Bradstreet's diction and use of literary elements, such as metaphors and alliteration, are skillfully arranged throughout the poem which aid in making the theme of dying seem inevitable. Pain uses two different tones to create a turning point in his thoughts about halfway through his poem which gives the reader a better idea of his stages of feelings towards passing away. Each poet describes the theme of death according to their personal experiences and thoughts and makes whoever reads their work think about life in a different way. Life is precious and can not be wasted.

Throughout Bradstreet's poem, she is very calm and accepting of her grandchild's death and her emotions are very controlled. This is probably because of her Puritan faith in which she practices the belief in heaven and in God, being the ruler of life. Although Elizabeth was young when she died, this poem about the loss of a loved one stresses that everyone will eventually cease to exist whether that person is juvenile or elderly. Simple descriptions of affection like "dear babe", "sweet babe" and "fair flower" compound the pathos employed by Bradstreet in the opening three lines of her poem. By repeating the word "farewell" in all three lines it is evident that saying goodbye was prolonged and painful. As the poem progresses, the line "Then ta'en away unto eternity" shows, not only alliteration, but that Elizabeth was, in a way, stolen from Anne Bradstreet and it also abruptly announces the child's death. Anne Bradstreet makes her questioning explicit by asking why she should mourn Elizabeth's death even when she knows that her grandchild is "...settled in an everlasting state." in heaven. All through the piece, there is a strong use of verbs that help describe how Bradstreet is feeling in her time of loss. In the next line Bradstreet's use...
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