Bradford City Fire

Topics: Bradford City A.F.C., Risk, Hazard Pages: 4 (1209 words) Published: April 12, 2012
1.0 Introduction
Working within the events sector it is highly likely that you will be faced to deal with certain risks and hazards that could occour. Risk has to be managed and can be done in a manner of ways. Some risks may be controlled by good management but others are inevitable and uncontrollable but dealing with the aftermath of uncontrollable risks can be done effectively. Guidelines and regulations are put in place to reduce risk at events but it is also down to yourself.

2.0 Bradford City Fire
This disaster occoured on Sautrday 11th Mayb 1985 at Valley Parade Stadium and is still widely talked about today. A football mtch between Bradford City an d Lincolnd city took place but a great fire started resulting in 56 fatalaties and 256 injuries.

2.1 Identifying the risk
The obvious risk is the fire, from the attached video in appendix you can see the start of the fire is very small and I don’t think anyone thought it would escelate to the etent that it did. The fire was first noticed at 3.40pm just 5 minutes before half time. It was noticed three rows from the back of G block in the Valley Parade ground. At first swtewards requested firefighting equipment but soon realised it was burning out of control and polie and stewards started to evacuate people from the stand. As you can see in the video it only took 4 minutes for the whole of the roof and wooden stands to become ablaze. In appendix it is reported that supporters towards the back tried to escape through the back but foun d that the gates were locked. Should the gates have been locked? And if they were why were they still loced in such an emergency?

2.2 Identifying the cause
There has never been one definite cause or reason for the start of the fire but many similar reasons. The Daily Mail article in appendix reported that the cause was “a match or cigarette end dropped onto rubbish that had accumulated under the main stand at Cvalley Parade an turned the wooden structure into...
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