Bradbury Explores the Idea of Ignorance

Topics: Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, Joseph McCarthy Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: April 14, 2008
Bradbury explores the idea of ignorance and its possible consequences in his novel, "Fahrenheit 451". To emphasize the theme of ignorance versus knowledge, the writer points out how Bradbury fuses this notion with conformity. These two themes operate together to illustrate how society can be manipulated into becoming passive to the point of stupidity. It explains how Bradbury utilizes symbols of mirrors and fire to prompt Montag's character into becoming something other than a mindless drone. With the imagery of his hands, Bradbury illustrates how Montag develops throughout the course of the novel. The writer concludes how, through symbolism and imagery, Bradbury illustrates how Montag's fight against the system proves to be an enlightening experience that also speaks out against censorship.

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"Bradbury utilizes several symbols in the novel to emphasize how society has given in to conformity. One significant symbol used throughout the novel is the mirror. The mirror becomes a symbolic in that it is something to which people can look and study themselves. Rafeeq McGiveron states that they are metaphorical "for only through the self-examination it makes possible can people recognize their own shortcomings" (McGiveron Mirror). Early in the novel, the mention of a mirror "emphasizes the need for self-examination" (McGiveron Mirror). When Montag thinks that he might wink at himself in the mirror after attending a book burning McGiveron believes that the wink is Montag accepting himself in "not reflective but reflexive" (McGiveron Mirror) way because "his glance is superficial rather than searching" (McGiveron Mirror). This is significant to Montag's development because it illustrates how he is a conformist at the beginning of the novel. He believes, just as all the others do that "it was a pleasure to burn" (Bradbury 3). Montag does not actually see who he really is even when he looks in the mirror. McGiveron's assertion that he is...
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