Bracelet Making

Topics: Jewellery, Glass, Sterling silver Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: February 9, 2013
Memoir Bracelet
Step one:
Begin by laying a 7.5-inch sterling silver 2mm bracelet flat and arranging your beads until you are pleased with their order and overall appearance. For the most part we alternated between sterling silver and pink beads. To see the specific components we used, please refer to the components list below.

Step two:
Next, unscrew the loop-end of the clasp and string on your beads. Be sure to leave some space in the bracelets for the beads to move and to prevent the bracelet from feeling stiff on the wrist. Finish by screwing the clasp back onto the bracelet, making sure to not twist it too tight.


Approximate size: 8 inches
Estimated time: Just minutes
Difficulty level: Beginner
| List of Components:
7.5-Inch Sterling Silver 2mm Bracelet (SS-BRAC23, qty 1)
Sterling Silver 7mm Cutout Tube (SS-TUBE02, qty 2)
Fiber Optic Pink and Crystal 9mm Round Bead (3.3mm Hole) (LHB-052, qty 2) 8mm Creamrose Round Pearl Bead (2.5mm Hole) (LHB-062, qty 2) Sterling Silver Antiqued XOXO Bead (5mm Hole) (STG-LHB007, qty 1) 10mm Creamrose Round Pearl Bead (3.2mm Hole) (LHB-067, qty 1) Frosted Rose and Crystal with Silver Grommet Roundel (4.5mm Hole) (LHB-077, qty 2) 8mm Light Pink Mother of Pearl Mosaic with 3mm Grommet Round (LHB-027, qty 2) 10.0mm Cast Heart w/Crystals (5.0mm Hole) (STG-BD15, qty 2)

10.0mm Enamel Forever Bead (4.5mm Hole) (STG-BD10, qty 1)
Sterling Silver Antiqued Cobblestone Heart Bead (4.5mm Hole) (STG-LHB014, qty 2) 5x10mm Sterling Silver with Crystals Roundel Bead (4.5mm Hole) (SS-BRL01, qty 2) Antique Sterling Silver Wavy Heart Cutout Bead (STG-LHB020, qty 1) 8x12mm Rose Crystal with Silver Grommet Roundel (4.5mm Hole) (SS-BRL13, qty 1)

Alternate Components:
These are fun alternatives to those listed above:
TierraCast® Antique Silver Divot Bead (SA-5746)
Swarovski 5942 14mm Heart Bead Large Hole Crystal AB (5942-CAB14) Sterling Silver Heart Lock & Key Slider Pendant (5.0mm Hole) (SS-PEND128) Sterling...
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