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"My primary objectives are to enhance BT customers' satisfaction and to grow BT's business.” Ben Verwaayen

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BT’s new CEO, Ben Verwaayen, is placing major emphasis on enhancing customer satisfaction. This presentation demonstrates the extent to which corporate social responsibility contributes to customer satisfaction in BT. It builds on the work described in Enlightened Values and undertaken by BT Retail. This is also available for download from the Better World site:

Retail customer satisfaction 1999 - 2001
Mean score
8.5 8.4 8.3 8.2 8.1 8.0 7.9 7.8 7.7 7.6 7.5 Jan 99 Mar 99 May 99 Jul 99 Sep 99 Nov 99 Jan 00 Mar 00 May 00 Jul 00 Sep 00 Nov 00 Jan 01 Mar 01 May 01 Jul 01 Sep 01

What factors control this movement?

© BT Group 2002

For many years we have monitored overall customer satisfaction ratings based on 3,250 face to face interviews every month with our UK consumers*. Whilst we had an intuitive feel for the underlying factors affecting customer satisfaction ratings, there was no known objective quantified link between these and the measured customer satisfaction figures. BT Retail, led by it’s new CEO Pierre Danon, took up this challenge in 2001. They undertook a detailed statistical analysis of all BT’s available consumer research covering three main strands: •Continuous – tracking customer satisfaction, key perceptions, complaint levels, advertising awareness and takeout, media coverage, competitor benchmarks and key market trends. •Event Driven – tracking the customer experience on all key contacts with BT – provision or service, fault repair, complaint handling, home moves, campaign response, product delivery, face to face and shops. •Ad hoc – driven by the requirements of the business and especially marketing departments to support product and service development, and advertising creative testing. A detailed statistical analysis of this mass of data identified those factors that strongly correlated with changes in overall customer satisfaction. * Note: SME and Major Business customer satisfaction levels are monitored separately.

The drivers of customers satisfaction





BASKET OF FACTORS • EVENTS LINKED TO TANGIBLE - Faults ASPECTS OF P&S MIX - Complaint • Billing satisfaction - Provision • Satisfaction with • INFORMATION Payphones • Sat. with call standard • Sat. with DQ • TELEMARKETING

• COST IS HIGH - Local calls - Long distance calls - International calls - Rental charges • RESELLERS - Aware of - Use

• PR COVERAGE • AD PROVEN RECALL • IMAGE - Trust - Reliable Service - Help get most out - Cares about Customer need - Given choice, is company would prefer to buy from

from Enlightened Values
© BT Group 2002

The numbers at the head of each column are the cause and effect modulation (or elasticity) factors for each of the four main drivers of customer satisfaction. They are best explained by example. If BT's overall image and reputation goes up by say 2%, then we would expect to see a (2 x 0.42) 0.84% increase in our customer satisfaction rating. Or if people perceive that our prices have increased by 10% then we would expect to see a (10 * -0.06) 0.6% fall in our customer satisfaction rating. (Note how the pricing modulator is negative so that falling prices drive up customer satisfaction.It is also relatively small compared to the other modulators as recent price changes have not generally affected people’s perception of value for money.) More detailed figures are available within each column. For example: Events = 0.46, Information = 0.03, Telemarketing = -0.03, Cost is high = -0.05, Resellers = -0.01, PR Coverage = 0.01, Ad Proven Recall = 0.01, Image = 0.40. And for each of these further additional breakdowns are available. Note in particular the significant impact the BT Group's universal...
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