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Topics: Business process management, User, Workflow Pages: 128 (31302 words) Published: March 30, 2011
Epicor ICE Business Process Management User Guide Version 1.3


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Item Code 80011-106-8606

Chapter 1 Introduction 7
Welcome to Epicor Business Process Management 7 BPM Process Description 7 Business Process Management Concept 8

Chapter 2 Getting Started 11
Setting Up Business Process Management 11 How to Create a Workflow Queue 11 How to Assign an Application Site to Participate in Workflow 12 How to Configure the BPM Processor to Monitor the Application Site 14 How to Configure the Epicor Workflow Service 15 How to Add User Accounts to the Application Site 16 BPM Log In Window 17 BPM Director Window 18 File Menu 19 Window Menu 19 Document Library Tab 19 Recent Documents Tab 21

Chapter 3 Managing Domains and Sites 23
How to Create a New Application Domain 23 How to Add a Managed Site 23 Site Settings Form 24 Site Settings Fields 24

Chapter 4 Working with Events 27
Events Concept 27 Event Form 28 Event Fields 28 How to Add a Event 29 How to Edit an Event 29 How to Delete an Event 30 Troubleshooting Events 31

Chapter 5 Working with Event Bindings 33
Event Binding Concept 33 Method Binding Form 33

Business Process Management User Guide



Method Binding Fields 34 How to Add Bindings to an Event 35 How to Edit an Event Binding 36 How to Delete a Binding from an Event 37

Chapter 6 Working with Directives 39
Directives Concept 39 Event Directive Form 40 Event Directive Fields 40

Configure Action Dialog Boxes 44
Email Message Dialog Box 44 Attach Hold Class Dialog Box 45 Remove Hold Class Dialog Box 45 Task Dialog Box 46 Configuration Parameters 46 How to Add a Directive to an Event 48 How to Edit a Directive 49 How to Delete a Directive 50

Chapter 7 Working with Inhibitors and Hold Types 51
Hold Type Form 51 Hold Type Fields 51 How to Create a New Hold Type 52 How to Delete a Hold Type 52 Inhibitor Binding Dialog Box 53 Inhibitor Binding Fields 53 How to Add an Inhibitor to an...
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