Bpm Effect on Memory

Topics: Memory, Working memory, Beat Generation Pages: 4 (1474 words) Published: December 16, 2012
The Effects of Beats Per Minute on Memory
Moorpark College
Christina Varela

The study investigated whether the amount of beats per minute had an effect on a person’s ability to remember five-letter words. Our hypothesis was that beats per minute would be positively associated with memory recall. We split the class of 42 students into three groups, each containing 14 participants. Group one was not exposed to any noise, group two was exposed to 50 beats per minute, and group three was exposed to 240 beats per minute. We tested each group one at a time; each participant was shown 10 five-letter words for 30 seconds. We then removed the words, and gave the participants 30 seconds to recall as many words as he or she remembered. The results suggest that the participants who were exposed to the two different levels of beats per minute remembered more words than the participants who did not hear any beats per minute during the experiment. Introduction

We chose this topic to see if the exposure to an auditory distraction would have an effect on memory recall. Many people claim that they have trouble remembering things when they are distracted by auditory stimuli. We wanted to see if an auditory distraction as minimal as the sound of a beat could have an effect on memory when trying to recall words shown on a screen for a short period of time. A 2012 study suggested that “orienting attention to an object within visual or auditory [short term memory] may follow similar processing principles” (Backer). This could mean that because visual and auditory concepts follow similar processing principles in the brain, they may interfere with each other if the visual and auditory subjects do not match. According to the embedded-processes model, “auditory distractions […] draw processing resources away from the recall task,” meaning that if the brain is working on processing one bit of information, it will have less recourses to process another bit of...
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