Bp Oil Spill

Topics: Health care, Health insurance, Healthcare reform Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Because our nation’s healthcare system has spun out of control, we need healthcare reform now. Every American should have access to affordable, quality healthcare, and to be able to make our own life and death decisions and not by insurance companies. 1. The cost of health care has skyrocketed and the quality of care has plummeted. A. The high costs are driven by greed by drug companies, hospitals, medical equipment and insurance companies. 1. Values are compromised

B. 65% of citizens are concerned that they will not be able to afford the health care that they need
1. 47 million Americans are without health insurance
2. Citizens are worried about making decisions of whether to pay for health care or food. 3. Most people that have insurance get it through their employer C. When people do not have insurance they will not go to the Dr to get the care they need.

1. Preventive and maintenance care is needed
D. Medical bills are the major cause of bankruptcy, with ¾ of these people having health insurance. .
E. Life and death decisions are being made by insurance companies and not patients F. Quality of care is not up to par
1. The U S ranks 29th in the world for life expectancy.
2. We need a hc system that allows for collaboration between drs, if a patient as several health issues 2. Why do we have to reform our healthcare now?
A. Senator Mark Warner statistics
1. The U S spends 2x as much on healthcare than any other developed country 2. Small businesses pay as much as 18% more for the same health insurance as large companies. 3. Health care reform will affect college students

A. Expanding the dependent cut off age from 22yrs old to 26
1. Allows for more flexibility for students by extending coverage
2. Allows for coverage while looking for work after graduation
B. Will not exclude students with pre-existing conditions
C. Students who cannot afford insurance themselves will be covered under...
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