Bp's Corporate Social Responsibility

Topics: BP, Petroleum, Oil spill Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: November 27, 2010
How BP responded to the last oil spill

Until recently, BP has been involved in many environmental, safety and political controversies, including the 1965 Sea Gem incident and the very recent 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

At first, BP had declared that estimating the oil flow was very difficult and even refused to allow scientists to perform more accurate, independent measurements. When scientists initially discovered oil plumes undersea, BP said the sampling showed no evidence of oil massing and spreading in the gulf water column.

BP adopted three main strategies for addressing spilled oil which were to contain it on the surface, away from the most sensitive areas; to dilute and disperse it in less sensitive areas; and to remove it from the water. BP stated that it would gather and exploit all of its resources to fight the oil spill, spending $7 million a day with its partners to try to contain the disaster.

On May 6, BP began posting daily responses of the efforts made on its website, where we can presently read: “The completion of the relief well operation in the Gulf of Mexico is an important milestone in our continued efforts to restore the Gulf Coast. However our work is not finished. BP remains committed to remedying the harm that the spill caused to the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf Coast environment, and to the livelihoods of the people across the region”.

It is clearly a way for BP to show that it is aware of the responsibility it has to take regarding all the consequences of the disaster, by communicating on its daily efforts and concerns about what it caused.

As time goes by, the focus is turning to as¬sessing the longer term impacts of the incident. On Sept.29, BP said that it was investing $500 million in the Gulf Research Institute (GRI) – an open research program to be conducted by independent experts from academic institutions on the Gulf Coast and elsewhere, which GRI would study the impact of the incident and its associated...
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