Boys without Girlfriends in NSU

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Boys without girl friends in NSU
As a coeducation institution boys and girls study together in North South University, they come in contact with many strangers on the sidewalks, steps, classrooms, and library. At first these individuals constituted a confusing blur of people they didn’t know. In a relatively short period, however, as they walked down on the campus or sat in the classrooms, some faces began to stand out simply because they passed by or sat beside a few individuals more than once. These casual and unplanned contacts soon led to mutual recognition. Those boys and girls may not have known who these individuals were, but they came to recognize their faces. As a result both of them were more likely to say “Hi” the next time they saw one another and perhaps exchanged a word or two about random topics such as the upcoming exam, or some event on campus. Thus they become familiar to each other and this familiarity leads to liking. This happens when there is too much exposure between boys and girls and they become friends each other. As a result, repeated exposure ordinarily results in increasingly positive feelings and friendly relations. They become friends and come closer to each other. It helps them to find the right person they are looking for, and they expect more company from their likeable persons to know each other very well. Most of the students are aged between 20 and 25, as young people they normally have more attraction towards the opposite sex, they may fall in love with their male or female classmates. Young boys have this kind of feelings or attraction to girls. When any young boy finds the qualities in a young girl that he is looking for, he may fall in love with that girl. The young male students of NSU have this kind of feelings and they may look for the right girl in NSU. But all boys may not have female friends in NSU for several reasons and the research paper will be focused on mainly the condition of those boys without female friends and how they handle the situation. [pic] The boys without girlfriends in NSU

Most of the boys are without girl friends in NSU, there may be some reasons behind it. At present love is a great issue in any young person’s life; every boy wants to have a girl friend to get company. It is also a psychological need of any young boy, they need love, and affection, and caring and mental support from someone special and it is usually his female friend. When any boy doesn’t have girl friend, he may feel the need of company and the lacking of his psychological needs. It may be a typical condition for those boys who seriously want the mental support and love from a girl whom they are looking for. The other boys don’t have this kind of problem if they find themselves perfect without girl friends. The possible reasons for having no girl friends, the condition without girl friends and feelings of those boys are mainly discussed on the basis of questionnaire For the research I did my survey on 50 boys who did not have any girlfriend in NSU. I prepared the research paper analyzing their replies and showed the answers through graphs. [pic] The reasons for not having girlfriend

The first question was to identify the reason why the boys don’t have girl friend. Boys may have different reasons for having no girlfriend; the reasons may be financial problems, study pressure and others. The options were mainly given based on the realistic situations of the boys in NSU. The first option was -study pressure; all students need to work hard, study regularly in NSU. They always remain busy with their studies and do not have enough free time. The next option was shortage of money. Money is a big issue in today’s competitive world and it is considered one of the most important facts in any relationship. It is not exceptional for the boys in NSU and they don’t want to spend too much money beyond their limitations. The third option was lack of time. The students always remain...
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