Boys vs Girls

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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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When will be the end of this world ? The answer is so easy , the end of this world will be if anyone believe that there are no difference between boys and girls . Allah made people different because we are created to complete each other . Boy and girls are different from each other in the way of other's dealing with them , in psychological genesis and in physical development .

According to McCubbin And Dohl ( 1985 ) , they stated that '' Adults describe infant girls as 'delicate,' 'sweet,' or 'dainty' and hold them more carefully . By contrast , boys are perceived as more active and are described as 'bouncing,' 'sturdy,' or 'handsome' '' . In general , all people try to be kind with girls . On the other hand , boys always facing the problems that’s why they are tough rather than girls . According to Kamtrowitz and Kalb ( 1998 ) , they stated that '' Until recently , girls got all the attention , but boys need help too . They're much more likely than girls to have discipline problems at school and to be diagnosed with attention deficit disorder '' .

The most important thing that is make real differences between both sex is the psychological genesis , in other words their personalities . According to McCubbin And Dohl ( 1985 ) , they stated that '' Men should be brave , strong , ambitious and aggressive , while keeping their feelings under control , women should be gentle , nutrient , passive , dependent and expressive of their feelings ''. The normal configuration of the men is to be aggressive while the women prefer to be as much sensitive as they can . Kamtrowitz and Kalb ( 1998 ) , they stated that '' 85% of the violent crimes were done by boys ''. In addition , its so clear that the boys have an aggressive nature , but we still don’t know why . According to Pomeratez ( 1975 ) , '' The admiral snickered . ' only Girl would be silly enough to fight a great naval battle with fruits and vegetables '. He spotted an eel and his feet and...
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