Boys Should Learn to Cook

Topics: Food, Cooking, Marriage Pages: 1 (445 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Boys should learn to cook
Cooking is something that is mostly associated with girls. By the time a girl enters adolescence, she is expected to learn all the skills of cookery. Gone is the time when education was just for boys and girls were expected to sit at home and do all the chores and cook for the husband. Now as far as I know, girls and boys are..equal. Am I right? Then why should boys not learn to cook? I strongly believe that boys should learn to cook. First and foremost, being able to cook is a lifetime skill. Having learned to cook, a person need not fear that he goes hungry if there is no one around to cook for him. A boy who can cook has many advantages over one who cannot. If he is a latchkey kid, he does not have to buy food for himself each time he wishes to fill his stomach. Instead, he can easily whip up something simple yet nutritious at home. Many men marry late these days, and they live away from home. Being bachelors on their own, they would have to eat our all the time if they cannot cook. That may be very costly and at the same time, not too healthy. If they can cook, meals would no longer be a worry. They can even hold small gatherings in their abodes without having to worry about food for these gatherings. Most married men have working wives. If they could help in the cooking occasionally, instead of depending on their wives to cook every meal, the latter would surely be very appreciative! That would give their wives more time to rest, which would make them happier and in turn, fewer quarrels would erupt due to fatigue. Another plus point would be that they would also be able to cook for special occasions, an act which would be more meaningful than simply buying gifts. Most of the top chefs around are men. So those men who can cook may apply to work as chefs or cooks. The ability to cook, and cook well, may even help them out during hard times because if they are unable to get employment, they can always set up food stalls! A man who is...
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