Boys of Blood and Bone and Clancy of the Overflow

Topics: Emotion, Man, Psychology Pages: 2 (647 words) Published: March 14, 2012
Both David Metzenthen in ‘Boys of Blood and Bone’ and Banjo Pasterson in ‘Clancy of the overflow’ convey ideas about the city and country life in Australia. a very traditional idea of these roles that men are overt and aggressive and women are convert and emotional. This is done by first focusing on the girl’s life which has been wonderful until one particular thing happens suddenly in ‘First Ice.’ While Voznesensky construsts men in stereotypical serious and violent way. Both poets position the reader to feel gender is complicated and intricate.

Voznesensky creates a sad mood where all the things gets frozen when some unhappy things suddenly change to describe a girl’s heart, this positions the reader to feel heartbreak on the girl’s ‘the first ice of human hurt’. This poet tells the first time something happened. It also references the cold weather. It’s about a girl who has been finished with or rejected over the phone. The title ‘First Ice’ suggests that that it is the first time this has happened and that the feelings are cold and icy towards the girl far exalt feeling created with ‘The first ice of telephone booth.’ He contrasts references to feeling of coldness ‘ frostily’ by using word to describe the only coat on the girl is just the overcoat.

Voznesensky employs a number of methods to grab reader attention. He privileges the body part of the girl’s ‘face, palms, fingers and cheeks’ to positioning the reader to empathise on a lonely girl, snow cover on her. She is hard to breathe and lean on the booth by herself. He has use imagery in the first and third lines. ‘A girl freezes in telephone booth’ in touch tactile image and ‘a face all smeared with lipstick’ in visual image which captures the reader to think about the frozen face of the girl. He employs repetition in ‘alone, alone’ and the image of ice to emphasize the scene. Alteration, ‘first ice, first time and frozen’ are also uses in the poem to reemphasize the reader to know the deep bruise...
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