Boys Don't Cry

Topics: Lie, Feeling, Abuse Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Boys Don’t Cry

The movie Boys Don’t Cry is a great movie with a very emotional storyline. I believe this movie showed that being transgender is not as uncommon as many people think it to be. Also, it illustrates the fact that even though someone is transgender it doesn’t make them any less of a human being. After discussing the movie with some of my classmates, I realized we had different feelings towards the movie. There were some things that didn’t quite make sense to them, but made perfect sense to me. For example, one of my classmates could not understand why Brandon continued to lie and deceive everyone. She thought if Brandon would have been honest from the beginning then he might still be alive. However, I disagree because I feel that Brandon wasn’t being dishonest to trick people or hurt others; I feel that he really thought of himself as a boy, so to him it wasn’t lying. Brandon was just trying to start over fresh in a new place and didn’t want to bring his past with him. I believe Brandon waited so long to come out because he knew he would not be accepted by his family. The movie showed how unsupportive his cousin was about his decision to become a boy. I truly believe that Brandon moved to another town to have a fresh start at life; there he had a greater chance of being accepted the way he was. Even after Brandon’s death his family still showed how unsupportive of him they were by putting, “Teena Brandon, loving daughter and friend” on his headstone. As a mother, I can see where that would be a hard decision to make. The child you gave birth to and raised all those years was not the same person you had laid to rest. However, it is my feeling when you have children, you should love and support them no matter who they choose to be. People need to learn that it is ok to be different and not everyone is the same. Children are attempting and even accomplishing suicide at early ages from being bullied by other children because they are different....
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