Boys and Their Habits.

Topics: Girl, Boy, Bathroom Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: March 13, 2011
Boys and girls are different from each other. They are not only physically different but they have some very different habits. Girls find these differences in habits to be anything from annoying to disgusting. A list of a few habits girls pay attention are when the boys adjust themselves, have selective hearing, have a lack of focus, do not pick up after themselves, are not very observant , or have wandering eyes. Boys feel that their actions are a talent and girl views the actions as bad manners. Boys burp, fart, spit, and blow their noses in an unpleasant way. These habits are unwelcome, plain and simple. If girls walked around all day spitting while burping and leaving behind a few intestinal gasses, boys would be grossed out too. They need to go to the bathroom or keep their private little habits to themselves. Girls can, so why cannot the boys do it also? Manners just do not seem to matter to boys in public; it also does not bother them when they adjust themselves in public either. Boys adjust themselves everywhere they go. They do not care where they are or who is watching. It does not bother them if they are in the mall, in front of a crowd, or just sitting at home. The boys just cannot seem to keep away from their precious parts. Those parts will not go anywhere. If a boy needs to scratch, be discreet. Girls are not immune to the occasional itch either, but boys do not see us reaching up under our skirts for a quick fix. Boys need to go to a private room if they think they need to adjust or scratch themselves. If boys think they could manage that, they should try working on their selective hearing. Boys have selective hearing. They do not always listen. We, as girls, feel like it goes in one ear and out through the other, without them grabbing any bit of information. Girls wonder if there is something in the boy’s brains that acts like a filter. And only grabs their attention when an interesting word comes up, like food, or...
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