Boys and Girls Should Attend Separate Schools.

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  • Published : October 26, 2012
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Boys and girls should attend separate schools.
Nowadays, there is a debate as to whether boys and girls should attend separate schools or not. Some people think they should be integrated and others believe that they should attend separate schools. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both arguments. First,when boys and girls study in the same school, they have chances to help each other. For instance, boys tend to learn better in some subjects and while girls usually excel in other subjects. learning can be more productive and active when they sit together. Competition starts among boys and girls. Thus, boys and girls can assist others’ weakness and apply their strength(power) to help each other. As a result, they all get better in different subjects. They start meeting and communication people in school. Life is an experince, if one is only left to introduce one-side of it, then that person will only have a narrow view on one side of life . Girls can encourage boys and boys can encourage girls to do better in school.

Second, In a single sex school, it's make it easier for the teacher to teach. Students in single-sex schools pay more attention on their study and their work. When they reach the age of puberty, they think a lot of different idea on each other .If two teenagers are dating but begin to have problems in their relationship, they may spend most of their time at school concentrating on each other.It takes alot to motivate boys to touch girls and opposite of it (lust).For example, In boy schools students smoke,and sometimes fight each other.May be girls in single sex schools are typically jealous of other girls. In a single-sex school with no members of the opposite sex around to impress, they can more focus on their work.Single-sex schools the parents have less worries about sexual relationship during their high school or university years .

In Conclusion,there are advantages and disadvantages to both arguments, I agree...
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