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Topics: Cost, Joiner, Stairway Pages: 3 (1114 words) Published: February 23, 2012
1.) To what extent could Dean expect to apply the philosophies and techniques of JIT described in this chapter to the running of a staircase cell. Dean Hammond can implement JIT techniques that seek to eliminate the significant amount of waste that exists in his current operational processes. Basically, there are seven wastes to be considered as obstacles in the lean system. It consists of over production, wasting time, transportation, process, inventory, motion, and defectives. As a result of implementing this concept, it will arrange a better-valued chain and create a solid base of production. While the customized nature of B&B’s products isn’t conducive to the type of streamlining seen in volume manufacturing applications, they can still aim to streamline and reorganize their staircase setup, in attempt to save time and reduce transport within their facility. We are told that joiners walk a daily average of 5km as they move between stations, and this loss of time results in orders exceeding standard time estimates. Conversely, B&B stationed one joiner on doors only and he was consistent within time estimates. B&B should seek to reorganize their setup with more defined stations that will allow for a better flow of products through each process. Steps in the process such as cutting, sanding, and machining are fairly universal for each staircase, and B&B could easily create stations with one or two joiners working at each stage of the process. There is existing space in their factory for such a setup and this would allow them to handle more volume, as anticipated in the growing market segment. Additionally, factory space can be utilized for a finishing station, allowing them to stain and varnish items during the day, rather than at night.

Since there are also some standard parts used in many of the products they produce, they should assign one or two individuals to produce those inputs alone. This would eliminate the need for joiners both inside and outside of...
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