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Boy Overboard
Boy overboard is written by Morris Gleitzman. This book is a story of the refugees ‘ courage and fearlessness in the danger. The refugees are in the Afghanistan which country are in the war all the time. It talk to us about the two children and their parents as they try their best to find the way to go to Australia. During the story ,we can see many bravery from the two children as well as their parents ,”mum and dad”. Jamal and bebe courageously confront danger in their country. Because of their government’s dictatorship. In their way to Australia and when they are arrive on dry land. Before they escaping their country have in danger many times. Their many example in the story. Firstly ,when bebe and Jamal play the soccer ,their ball becomes trapped under the tracks of a parked tank. And the gun barrel void being shot. Secondly ,when bebe ran to the home ,she steps on a n landmine ,she can’t move and hopeless, but Jamal come to save her ,he let bebe stand on her feet and they jump together. Luckily, in the end ,they survival because of the landmine doesn’t work anymore. In the top of this when they were in the refugees’ camp a boy steal bebe’s ball and don’t want to give back to bebe, and he said ,if bebe want the ball. She have to be his girlfriend. Then Jamal come to protect bebe he catch the boy and get the boy, finally they talk to the boy because they think the boy isn’t a bad boy. Then they become friends. In the end when the on the ship. When a nasty storm capsizes their ship ,they never give up, they try their best to scoop sea water out of the ship, because if they do not ,all of their lives, will end. After they arriving the dry land, they face the likelihood their parents death and they actually have not arrived in Australia at all. At that time their dreams shattered and their hearts broken, all the people refused. But after their parents are found alive, Jamal have the courageously again. He says “even if this not Australia but it...
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