Boy Stabbed in an Alley

Topics: English-language films, Bloods, Crime Pages: 1 (442 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Boy stabbed in an alley
It was a dark, rainy night on March 29th at 11:30pm. When a tragic incident occurred, where a 16yr old boy named Andy who was part of a gang called “The Royals” and members from another gang called “The Guardians” stabbed him while he was walking through an alley by himself on his way to buy some cigarettes for him and his girlfriend who was at the dance waiting. As Andy laid there drowning in his own blood in deep pain. There were 4 witnesses at the scene that night who saw Andy laying there.1 of them was an alcoholic named Steve Martins who saw Andy, he said “I saw the boy laying there but I was drunk so I thought that he was drunk and had fallen and couldn’t get up, therefore because of my drinking I didn’t know that the boy was hurt, if not I would have tried to help as much as possible”. Freddie and Angela who were one of the witnesses that night, Freddie said “we heard a noise and I went to check to see what it was, that’s when I saw Andy there laying on the ground and saw that he was badly injured and wanted to help him but then I saw his jacket and it said “The Royals”, that’s when we left him there cause we didn’t want to get involved with the situation” Angela stated that she started to panic when she saw Andy there bleeding so she just wanted to go home and they left him there. Later on in the night an old lady named Martha Kane’s passed she said that she didn’t not see or hear Andy because she is half deaf and if she could have heard him she would have helped. “At approximately 1minute past midnight I came to look for Andy, because he didn’t come back to the dance, so I started to worry. Then I saw him laying there bleeding as I started to cry my eyes out as I ran away to go find a cop to help him out, but by time I got back with help he was already died. When I glanced across I saw the cop take out his notepad and I told the cop his name was Andy, but then he saw the coat and just thought he was just “A Royal” another gang...
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