Boy Scouts of America Is Homophobic

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  • Published: September 23, 2008
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Abraham Lincoln once said, “In this age, in this country, public sentiment is everything. With it, nothing can fail; against it, nothing can succeed. Whoever molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes, or pronounces judicial decisions.” President Lincoln demonstrated great foresight in this statement. The overall attitude of the public is more important than the statues and laws that govern the public.

The Boy Scouts of America has recently demonstrated many discriminatory injunctions against the rights of homosexuals. They have deemed it necessary to ban homosexuals from becoming leaders and members of their private organization. Leaders of the Boy Scouts of America have declared that homosexuals are incapable of living up to the Scout code of being morally straight and clean, thus revoking their right to be apart of their organization. The United States government has maintained the Boy Scouts decision by granting them the right to ban homosexuals from participating in their organization in the Supreme Court ruling Boy Scouts of America v. James Dale in 2000.

Due to these discriminatory policies, Widget International has recently revoked all charitable contributions originally allocated to the San Francisco and Los Angeles Area Boy Scouts’ chapters. Public response to this action caused uproar among conservative groups such as a “Christian” radio station in Orange County along with the National Family Council of America and certain congresspersons, parents, and the Republican State Party organization. This group, opposed to the cut in contributions put together a letter campaign and boycott against WI. Because of the financial stability of our company, the possibility of WI facing any economic consequences is very minute. This matter is not of economic constraint but that of moral and ethical implications. As a sitting member on the board of directors for Widget International I hereby extend my proposal to eliminate charitable...
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