Boy Scouts of America

Topics: Homosexuality, Discrimination, United States Pages: 3 (772 words) Published: March 20, 2012
- The name of this case study is United Way and The Boy Scouts of America. - I will be introducing you to the case while giving you a basic overview and relating it to class. - I will also be answering the first question at the end of the reading. - Aneek will then continue on with case questions 2 and 3 and finally wrap it up with a conclusion. - If you have any questions, you can ask at the end of the presentation. - So, I will now begin the presentation by introducing you to the case study.

- The case study opens by telling us a story of James Dale.
- Dale was part of Boy Scouts of America, abbreviated BSA, for 12 years as a assistant scoutmaster. - However, in 1990, when BSA found out that Dale was gay, he was expelled from the organization. - Dale felt that this was unfair, and he appealed to the Supreme Court. - At first the Supreme Court ruled that BSA was wrong and it was illegal for them to discriminate against Dale; however, BSA appealed this ruling, and the Supreme Court later favored BSA’s action. - Later in the study, Larry Norvell, the local head of United Way of Columbia-Willamette, describes how Dale being gay could not be used as a reason for him to be expelled from the organization, just to cover up the fact they were discriminating the job. - The reasoning behind Dale being expelled could have been that conservative ideals are based on Catholic morals. - These morals are embedded in the society’s culture.

- Thus, if other organizations did not support United Way when the organization decided to support abortion, many members would not support the idea of homosexuality being an influence on young boys either. - Although, Supreme Court gave BSA the authority to choose who they have in their organization, United Way felt that it was wrong for them to discriminate against an individual. - Singling out a person is against the law, because there are established anti-discrimination policies in the legislation. - The law and...
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